HD 71.5-in White Steel Crossover, Single Lid, Standard, Deep & Wide Truck Tool Box


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HD 71.5-in White Steel Crossover, Single Lid, Standard, Deep & Wide Truck Tool Box

HD 71.5-in White Steel Crossover, Single Lid, Standard, Deep & Wide Truck Tool Box
  • BRAND:   HD
  • TYPE:   Truck Tool Box
  • COLOR:   White
  • MATERIAL:   Steel
  • TUB:   Deep & Wide
  • CUFF:   Standard
  • HANDLE:   Push Button
  • WARRANTY:   3 Year
  • PRICE:   829.50
  • SKU:   37224178

HD Feature Shots


The Heavy Duty truck tool box series was created for the working professionals that depend on their truck tool box everyday to get the job done. The HD series is the highest quality, most feature-rich truck tool box line on the market. HD truck tool boxes are built with many extra features above and beyond our other product lines.

The HD Crossover Truck Tool Box is packed with more features than any truck tool box on the market.

The 4-stage automotive grade rotary billet push button latches provide the ultimate security for your items. The Climate Lock Seal provides full protection from the elements. The lid is filled with heavy-duty foam and built with a cross-broken design for maximum durability.

The wire-formed adjustable striker provides ease-of-adjustment to the locking mechanism. The patented Quantum Storage System latch rail is compatible with any peg board accessories.


  • HD Series Push Buttons - billet push buttons with a high polish shine and easy lock/unlock detection.
  • HD Series Rotary Latches -Four stage automotive grade rotary latches ensure a secure close everytime.
  • Quantum Storage System latch rail - a patented orginization system compatible with any peg board accessories.
  • HD Series Storage Trays - The all steel trays integrate with the Quantum Storage System Latch Rail and includes 4 interchangeable dividers
  • HD Series Foam Filled Lid - Provides extra strength and durability to the truck tool box for easy closing everytime
  • Crossbroken Lid - Extra reinforcement of the lid provides additional strength and rigidity
  • HD Series Self-Adjusting Strikers - HD Series patented strikers that never need adjusting
  • HD Series Truck Box Mat - protective mat for the bottom of the truck tool box
  • HD Series Climate lock seal - provides protection from the elements
  • Powder Coated - Coated with a durable abrasion resistant powder coat finish inside and out
  • Shock Guard - Protective guards that preven damage to shocks from items shifting in tool box
  • Power Portal - easy access point to run electricity into the box
  • Level Holder - securely stores any 48" level and can be removed if not in use
  • GripRite Installation- Compatible with the GripRite No Drill installation kit (included with purchase)
  • Auto Lift Shocks - The "auto-lift" self-rising shock allows easy single handed entry into the truck tool box
  • Intergral End - A Better Built patented design, the end of the box is made of a solid piece of metal. This gives the box additional strength and creates a small parts storage area
  • All Aluminum - The lid and tub are made 100% from rust-resistant diamond treadplate aluminum
  • Solid one-piece body construction
  • 100% Fully Welded Seams
  • Continuous Aluminum Piano Hinge
  • Smooth finished edges


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