Measure Your Truck

Most of the time it’s necessary to measure the width of your truck bed rails inside and outside in order to know what size truck toolbox or tank you will need.

Here is how we suggest fitting and sizing your truck toolbox…

  1. Measure the INSIDE of your truck bed, from right to left. Then measure the outside of your bed rails.
  2. If you plan to purchase a chest box or a tank that sits inside your bed, make sure it’s smaller then the inside width of your bed.
  3. If you plan to purchase a crossover truck box, measure your truck bed, making sure to allow for wheel wells or other obtrusions. It may be necessary to order a universal or wedge box, or maybe even a narrow box.
  4. When measuring for other products like wheel-well boxes or sidemounts or topmounts, make sure to measure your wheel-wells and the length and height of the bed also.

Ordering The Right Size Product

We include a size-chart and dimensions on every product we sell.  This can typically be found in our catalog, and on the product itself.

Once you have measured your truck, simply make sure the product you want can fit inside the dimensions you have.

If ordering from a retail location, it may be necessary to have the store associate give us a call to determine the right product to fit your vehicle. Please have them call our customer service hotline.