About our Special Edition Crown (SEC) Series Truck Tool Boxes

Built for performance enthusiasts, the Special Edition Crown Series is the first-ever truck tool box line to include industry-exclusive, premium patented features anyone can afford.  SEC truck tool boxes are built with the following features in addition to our standard Better Built features: Locking Pull Handles, 2-Stage Automotive Grade Rotary Latches, Foam-filled lid for extra strength and durability, and self-adjusting strikers.


  SEC Black Tool Chest

SEC Chest Boxes

The SEC Truck Chest Box is an excellent alternative to the standard crossover. It leaves the bed rails of your truck unobstructed for other uses. It can be used both in your truck and for household storage.

This box is available in a full or compact model, aluminum or black powder coated aluminum.

The box features a recessed hinge so the lid can open while the box is flush against the back of your truck cab.


 SEC Crossover Deep Wide

SEC Crossover Tool Boxes

The SEC Crossover Tool Box is far above the industry standard in crossover truck tool boxes.

This is our most popular truck tool box in the SEC series. It comes in aluminum and can be powder coated black or white. It is also available in a deep tub design to provide more storage space for larger items.

With all the various styles, there’s a box to fit any need.


 SEC Crossover Lo Profile Black

SEC Low-Profile Tool Boxes

The SEC Low Profile design allows for greater visibility through the rear window of your truck. This stylish design complements any fullsize or compact truck.

This tool box is also available in a Universal Wedge design to accommodate wheel-wells, and in a deep design for more storage space for larger items.


 SEC Sidemount

Side Mount Boxes

The SEC Side Mount box is a perfect storage solution for extra items that may not fit in your crossover truck box.

The side facing lid allows for easy access and save truck bed space. The slim design leaves plenty of space in your truck bed for storing other items.

This box is available in aluminum or black powder coated aluminum.


 SEC Crossover Two Lid Deep

Two-Lid Tool Box

The SEC Two-Lid Tool box is also known as the Gull-Wing box because the lids open like a sea-gull’s wings. This allows for easy access from either side of the truck.

The two-lid design has always been a favorite among customers.

Each side of the lid has a locking stainless steel automotive grade rotary latch to secure your valuable items. On the interior of each end of the box, a small parts partition provides convenient storage of smaller items.



X2 Crossover Tool Box

The SEC X2 Tool Box is the newest generation of SEC truck tool box. It has an end opening pull handle system for maximum security and convenience.

The side facing rotary handles make it easy to open the box from the side of your truck while providing a more secure locking system.

This tool box is available in aluminum or black powder coated aluminum, and also offered in a deep tub design.