Daws Manufacturing Company, Inc. was established in March and purchased Betterbuilt Company. Following this acquisition, a second Florida aluminum truck toolbox manufacturing company was acquired in June 1990 – the automotive division of Aluminum Fabricated Products, the original aluminum truck toolbox manufacturer in the United States.


In September, Daws moved to its present corporate home at 8811 Grow Drive, Ellyson Industrial Park, in Pensacola, Florida. The manufacturing operations building and office facilities allowed Daws to have all manufacturing phases of the AFP and Better Built product lines in one location.

A third division, Better Built Accessories, was established in 1992 to provide quality aluminum truck bed accessories for Daws’ customers. December 1994 brought another addition with a sales/distribution center opening in Las Vegas, Nevada. Increased business and the need for enhanced service for the West Coast necessitated this expansion.


In February, Daws acquired Road Quest from Fabwell, Inc. This 13-year old firm, based in Elkhart, Indiana, produced automotive aftermarket products of aluminum. Road Quest also produced several composite material products in its facility.

Monroe Bulldog Truck Accessories in Parsons, Tennessee was acquired in September 1995 adding to the automotive aftermarket group. Known for top-quality tubular products in steel, Bulldog Truck Accessories had emerged as the leader of these products in the U.S.


A division of Everybody’s Truck Accessories in Grand Junction, Colorado was acquired in December. This company was the preeminent innovator and manufacturer of stainless steel hood shields in the U.S. marketplace.

The Las Vegas distribution center moved to Henderson, Nevada in February 1999 in order to double the available space as now required by the West Coast customer base.


The addition of a truck box manufacturing facility in Juarez, Mexico in fall, 1999 positioned Daws to increase the volume of products flowing to the West. It also allowed the Pensacola location to serve customers in other sections of the country better and faster. In 2000, the Elkhart location was closed moving all manufacturing and distribution processes to Pensacola in order to increase customer service efficiency.


An expansion was completed in Juarez that tripled available space and allowed a doubling of production capacity. Additional warehouse space was contracted in Santa Theresa, New Mexico to provide a buffer facility for both raw materials into Juarez and finished products coming out of Juarez. The Henderson facility was closed and Santa Teresa wasexpanded to be fully utilized as a shipping point. In April, the Parsons facility was closed as Daws turned its efforts globally by partnering with an overseas company to manufacture its tubular product line.


Better Built shifts the majority of tool box production to it’s Juarez facility and begins re-tooling it’s Pensacola facility for more specialized high-tech manufacturing needs. In addition, the company achieved over 2 million man hours worked without a lost time accident. Daws was acknowledged by the Governor of Florida for it’s outstanding safety record and receives the SHARP (Safety Health Achievement Recognition Program) designation from OSHA.


Looking to expand market share, Better Built continues it’s investments in new technology and machinery to provide more accurate and timely manufacturing on the production line. One of the major investments was a laser cutting machine for precision manufacturing as well as the acquisition of several robotic welding cells.


Always looking to increase the quality of Better Built products the corporate offices in Pensacola attain ISO 9001:2008 certification. In addition, Daws Manufacturing began supplying international companies such as General Electric, with large precision metal fabrications. This new business allowed Daws to also expand it’s engineering ability with the addition of 3D CAD engineering software.


Daws continued it’s outstanding safety program and was featured in several safety articles while also renewing it’s OSHA SHARP designation.


Several new industry innovations were successfully patented and are now available on most of our products. These innovations were in the areas of security, storage space, durability, ease of use and stylish designs.


Better Built has continued to expand with the addition of another manufacturing facility in its Juarez location. This expansion allowed Better Built to launch a new powder coating line that introduced several new color options for Better Built products. In addition, the company was re-certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

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